A company’s logo is the most succinct and concise way to speak to its customers and to distinguish it from its competitors. Deezy’s logos are bold, elegant, classic and modern all at once. He knows how to design logos that embody a company’s purpose and core values and appeal to the target audience. See below for past examples of Deezy’s logo projects.
Client: Pepsi       Project: Creative Direction for "Bronx Flavor" Campaign 
Client: Reebok            Project: Art Direction for Classics Showcased at Global Sales Meeting 
Client: Vitamin Water      Project: Freelance Graphic Design
Client: Showoff Records      Project: Creative Direction for Entire Label
Client: Point Blank      Project: Creative Direction for Agency 
Client: Pepsi      Project: Art Direction for "We Inspire" Campaign
Client: Place Money Here      Project: Create an Art Incubator for Visual Artists
Client: Vitamin Water      Project: Freelance Graphic Design for Formula 50